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Submit Form without Page Refresh with jQuery AJAX

Ajax is a JavaScript based web development technology used for building asynchronous application. Ajax can send and receive date in the background (without page refreshing or redirecting). We need to use XMLHttpRequest object for working with ajax but jQuery library made it more easy to working with ajax by using jQuery.ajax, jQuery.get, methods.

In this post I have a simple html contact us form example that takes information(name, email, subject and message) from user. When user submit the form data send asynchronously to the server. PHP receives XMLHttpRequest request and process data from server side.

Animated Scroll to Top with jQuery

Today I am going to show you how you can create a smooth animated scroll to top with jQuery. It is very easy and we need to code only couple of lines to implement this. We need to code for

Hide button on loadIf user scroll more than 400px then show the buttonIf user go to top then hide the buttonScroll to top with Animate method
Let's go to implement it..

Image Crop and Upload with jQuery and PHP

There are many good jQuery plugins are available  today to crop image on the fly. jCropimgAreaSelect and many more. Today I am going to show you how you can implement imgAreaSelect jQuery plugin for cropping image on your project with instant upload preview.imgAreaSelect is one of the most powerful jQuery plugin for working with images that can work in all major old and new browser. It is easy to configure and implement.