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Showing posts from September, 2013

Extract urls from a web page with PHP

Hello there! In this post I am going to show you how we can extract all urls from a webpage with php. For this purpose I am using php DOMDocument object. It is a awesome tools for working with DOM elements. If you are familiar with JavaScript you can found many similarity between them.

Get Youtube Video Thumbnail and Other Information with PHP and Youtube API

YouTube api version 2 provides all necessary information about videos on YouTube. If you want to create a video gallery or want to embed YouTube videos on your website then it can give you extra power. In this post I am going to show you how to get YouTube videos information like video title, description, thumbnail and other information with YouTube JSON api and php.

File Download Counter with PHP & MySQL

Hello there! Today we are going to create a simple file download tracker with php and mysql. To track downloads, we need to upload our file to uploads directory and add files metadata (like file name and path) to database table. When a user will try to download a file by file id the original file path will retrieve from database table then php will update download count value and file will be forced for download.

Download File from Remote Server with PHP CURL

On my previous post I was shown how we can get a remote file size without download it in php. Today I am going to show you how can we download a file from remote server with php. There are many ways in PHP to download file from remote server. We can use php functions like copy , file_get_content , fopen , fsockopen to download remote files. These functions are well but today we will use curl to download file. Because it the advanced way to working with remote resources.We can download large file with minimum memory usages in this way.

HTML5 and jQuery Powered Signup Form

In this tutorial we are going to create a singup/registration form with html5 form attributer and jQuery form validate plugin . jQuery Validation is a powerful jQuery form validation checking plugin. We can check forms validity very easily with this plugin.

Live Comment System with jQuery Ajax PHP and MySQL

Recently I have been made a post that focused on how to submit form without page refreshing . That post shows the basic functionality of using jQuery Ajax. On the same follow this post will describe how we can create a comment system to post an instant comment without page refreshing. Let's start...

Dynamic Voting System with jQuery, PHP and MySQL

In this post you will learn how to build a voting system with jQuery, Ajax, PHP and MySQL. Votes will be update at real time and store to the database table with out refreshing or redirecting page. This post is inspired by Reddit and Stack Overflow voting system. This system will allow users to vote up or vote down every single post at once in a session.

Data Load While Page Scrolling (infinite scroll) with jQuery PHP and MySQL

Infinity scroll is a way to load more data using Ajax request while page goes to scroll down. Now days this technique is mostly used by the most of the successful websites like Facebook, Google and Twitter. You will be see that on these web sites as long as you scrolling down the page loads more and more data or posts, that is called infinity scroll or endless scroll. Though it can be possible by using jQuery's jQuery.ajax or jQuery.load method but now days there are many jQuery plugins (like, Infinity Scroll, Infinite Ajax Scroll) are available to make it more easy. Today I am going to show you how we can turn a PHP and MySQL paginavigation based website into dynamic infinity scroll with jQuery Infinite Ajax Scroll plugin.

Live jQuery Ajax Username Availability Check

In this post I will describe how to check user name availability asynchronously before sing up with jQuery Ajax. This technique is mostly used by web developers. Because it save users time to sign up an account and it can also help to prevent duplicate accounts.