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Showing posts from October, 2013

User Signup and Login with PHP

Creating user login system is one of the most interesting thing for developers. If you want to create a web application with user sign up and sign in system or even if you want to create a secure admin area this method can help you a lot. Today we are going to create a simple application with php that can allow a user to sing up, sign in and viewing secure page.

Generate QR Code with Google API and PHP

QR (Quick Response) was invented about 20 years ago by A Japanese company named Denso Wave. Nowadays QR is one of the most popular 2D barcode format. It is designed to store text characters like URLs, Telephone numbers, Addresses and whatever else. The good thing of QR barcode is that it can be read by mobile phone devices.

Get Alexa Rank with PHP

Alexa is one of the most well known and poplar web information provider. It provides information like web site's traffic status, reviews, back links and many more. The most important thing of Alexa is, it measures web site's popularity and provides its global rank. And this rank is accepted by all. Though it is very easy to know a web site' Alexa rank from Alexa's website. But now I going to show you a way to get Alexa rank with PHP code.

Adfly URL Shortener PHP API

Now days, Adfly is one of the most popular url shortener service on the web. The best thing of this service is that you can earn money through this service and it is the main reason of it's popularity. Nowadays it is providing simple api to made this service more easy. In this post you will show how we can make short url using Adfly api and PHP.

File Upload with Progress Bar using jQuery and PHP

In this post you will learn how to create a AJAX file uploading system with progress bar using jQuery and PHP. For this purpose we will going to use jQuery Form Plugin . It is a easy to use and powerful jQuery AJAX form submitting plugin. It supports XMLHttpRequest Level 2 and iframe file transportation. That's why it will work for both old and new browsers.

CSS3 Color Changing Background

In this tutorial you will learn how to create color changing background with CSS3. Previously we used only JavaScript or Flash for web animation. But now CSS3 gives us some ability to do animation with just only using CSS. Here we are going to create a simple color changing background effect with webkit keyframes pulse animation.