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Fetch Facebook OG Meta Tags with PHP

OG (Open Graph) meta tag is designed by Facebook to make url share easy on social networking websites. Now days these tags are widely used by other websites. If you are running a social networking website or planning to run one. You can make url sharing easy by fetching these tags. Today I will show you how we can get/fetch OG meta tags with PHP script.

Get IP Geolocation with PHP

There is no build in way or tool in PHP to get geographical location of an IP address. Thats why, we will need to use a third party api to get geographical location of an IP address. There are many free and paid Geo apis are available today to get geolocation from an IP address. In this post I will use api. It is very simple and easy. We do not need to register for api key and the most impotent thing is this api is absolutely free!

Generate RSS Feed with PHP & MySQL

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a very useful way to share content over internet. If you are running a website or blog RSS feeds can help you a lot by sharing your contents to readers. RSS feeds are based on XML markup. It holds some information about your post contents like post title, description, link, publish date etc. In this post you will learn how we can create simple RSS feed with PHP and MySQL.

Domain Whois Lookup with PHP

Whois is a way to check ownership of a domain name. We can know ownership information like owner name, address, etc. from whois record. There are many ways are available to check whois recode. In Linux system you can run whois command to check whois recode. We can also build our won application to fetch whois recode. In this post I will show you how can can get whois recode with pure php code.